If you're using Hotel Master theme, please read this : https://goodlayers.ticksy.com/article/12190/ 


How to upload the theme via FTP method

To upload the theme via FTP method, make sure that you have the access detail such as hosting, username and password. (If you don't know how to get these info, you can ask your host provider.)

1.) Download the 'installable file' of the theme from Themeforest and you will see the file called "THEMENAME.ZIP" or "THEMENAME-vx-xx.zip".

If you download the full package, unzip the package first and you will see the file called "THEMENAME.ZIP" or "THEMENAME-vx-xx.zip"

2.) Access FTP via FTP client. We suggest FileZilla for this(free software). 

3.) Fill access info and login to the path of "wp-content/themes"

4.) Upload the file from instruction 1.) in the path in instruction 3.)