Updating Layer Sider, Revolution Slider and Master Slider Plugin (Since Flawless Theme to Newsstand Theme)

1.) After you download theme package from Themeforest, Extract the package and go to folder 'THEMENAME-vx-xx'

2.) Go to the path, 'include/plugin/plugins/Layerslider.zip(revslider.zip,masterslider.zip)'

3.) Extract the file, then copy the folder 'Layerslider(revslider,masterslider)'

4.) Access to your site via FTP, to the path 'wp-content/plugins' 

5.) Replace the existing folder in this path with the one you copied from 3.)

*Please note that updating Layer slider to new version 'might' cause the problem with your old sliders. You may have to set up the slider again if you face the problem. Normally this will occur when you update from very old version. However, this might not happen at all.