Creating Woocommerce Template For WooCommerce's Sidebar

On the most part, WooCommerce templates will integrate nicely with most WordPress themes. Where you may run into problems is when the default WooCommerce content wrappers do not match your chosen theme's. This will manifest itself by breaking your layout on WooCommerce pages and shifting your sidebars into incorrect positions.

This problem can potentially affect the shop page, the single product page and the taxonomy pages (categories and tags) because WooCommerce uses templates of its own to display these pages (and its impossible for WooCommerce to know exactly what markup your theme uses). Other pages (checkout, cart, account) are not affected because they use your theme's page.php template.

To create the woo template file.

1.) Copy the page.php file and rename it to woocommerce.php file ( DO NOT remove the page.php file out )

2.) Try finding this in the woocommerce.php file.

while (have_posts()){


and replace it with


To create the sidebar on woocommerce.php file.

1.) Try finding this at the top of the page.

$sidebar = get_post_meta($post->ID, 'page-option-sidebar-template' ,true);

and change it to

$sidebar = 'right-sidebar'; // left-sidebar, both-sidebar or no-sidebar

2.) Try finding this

$left_sidebar = get_post_meta( $post->ID , 'page-option-choose-left-sidebar', true);
$right_sidebar = get_post_meta( $post->ID , 'page-option-choose-right-sidebar', true);

and change it to